RV Life: Getting the most out of your vacation

Why RVs Are Perfect for Summer Travel

By April 1, 2019 No Comments

Maybe the kids are almost out of school, maybe you’re almost out of school, or perhaps you’re just sick of the cold and ready to get out of town. You’re not alone: most Americans plan a summer vacation. In case you were curious, AAA ranks Orlando, Florida as the most popular summer vacation spot. Other top destinations include Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Seattle, Las Vegas, and Boston.

No matter where you hope to explore, any continental US trip may be best enjoyed in an RV: city, park, or shore. We came up with some pretty convincing reasons to rent an RV for your next vacation:

1. Way cheaper

RVing is typically about 30% cheaper than flights and hotels. You can put that money towards your next trip, or invest it in memorable activities on this trip!

2. Travel freedom

This may be the biggest perk of traveling by RV. You can travel to and stay in remote areas that would otherwise be hard to enjoy on a day trip, bring everything that you need, and visit multiple destinations in one trip. RVs are so versatile that they work great no matter the location. Take them to theme parks, campgrounds, cities, or totally off-grid. You’ll have shelter, transportation, and home comforts the entire time.

3. It’s easy!

Friends and family time
Pack your RV with all your friends and family, or just you and your honey. You might even be able to bring the dogs! RVing makes spending time with your favorite people (and pets) simple and uncomplicated.

4. Sightseeing

You really can’t see the country the same way by plane, or even by car. There’s something incredible about staying in magnificent places and waking up to the sounds and smells of each place you visit. RVs are the perfect road trip transportation.

5. Convenience

We don’t blame you if your top priority is to keep everything simple. An RV has your bases covered – from amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and beds to not having to stress about booking rooms and renting cars. Everything you need travels with you.

Maybe you’re touring the coast with your surfboard and friends, or visiting Disneyworld with your grandkids, or even celebrating an anniversary in Maine. RVs can make your trip much more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable. We can help you get started.