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Reasons Why RVs are Perfect for Festival Camping

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Carefree girl waving her arms in the air at a summer festival surrounded by tents

Let’s talk summer music festivals. If you’ve had a chance to attend the Bonnaroo Music Festival or Black Rock City Festival, or any other one in all your glittery glory, you’ll know how epic they are. If you haven’t been, well, you’re missing out. Just sayin’. But don’t worry, we want your first festival experience to be legendary – camping and all! And what better way to experience a festival weekend than travelling in style (no, not just your outfits)? 

Ditch the tent and sleeping bag route and make the most of your festival experience with an RV! This is the perfect excuse for a weekend RV rental. Picture this: you and your friends spend a full day of partying, dancing, (maybe a little drinking), and then you get to crash in your RV’s cozy bed for the night – not bad, right? 

But that’s not the only reason for going to a festival in an RV. We’ll tell you all the reasons why you should make an RV your go-to festival companion.

Why You’ll Want a Weekend RV Rental for a Festival

A parked weekend RV rental complete with shade structure and camp chairs

First things first: do your research to see if you can even bring your RV to a specific summer festival. If you have the green light, you’ll want to work with festival friendly RV rentals. If for some reason RVs aren’t allowed, or there isn’t a campground to park, ask yourself why you’re really going to that music festival in the first place. 

Okay, just kidding. Still go. But know that a summer festival is ultimately a better experience with an RV. 

Reasons to Bring an RV

Crowd cheering and singing along to an outdoor summer music festival

1. More Space

Having an RV for the weekend is like having a second home on wheels. With more storage space than what a tent can provide, feel free to bring any and all supplies you’ll need for the festival weekend. From camp chairs, some type of shade structure, and chargers, to extra warm clothes (you never know), snacks, and instruments, there’s room for it all. 

Be sure to do your homework on what’s restricted, though. Security will check your RV for weapons, in which case are prohibited. And some festivals will either limit the amount of alcohol you bring, or ban it altogether.

2. Fully-Equipped Kitchen
Woman sipping coffee from her RV rental in the early morning at a music festival

Speaking of food and drink, wouldn’t it be nice to have a full kitchen for you to make meals in? Festival exhaustion is no joke. And since you can’t live off beer for the weekend (yes, you heard us), you’ll need sustenance. The best RV for music festivals is the one that comes complete with a kitchen. With an RV rental, you can make real food to gear up for each day. Trust us, you don’t want to be the festival campers running on granola bars and trail mix all weekend. And you certainly don’t want to end up spending hundreds of dollars on festival food.

Again, certain kitchen utensils like knives won’t be allowed, so come prepared with some sort of meal plan for you and your travel crew.

3. Better Sleeping Arrangements

Recreational Vehicle parked with all interior lights on at night

We’ve already touched on this, but sleeping on the ground is the last thing you’ll want to do after a day of full-on partying. Some people don’t even roll up with a tent and sleeping bag – some festival junkies are perfectly fine with a yoga mat and the bare ground. That’s great and all, but if you’re going to a festival in an RV, you’ll thank us later after a good night’s rest in a bed. Like food, you’ll need your sleep to gear up for the entire weekend. 

The best RV rentals will come complete with enough sleeping space for a decent amount of people – we’re talking at least one bedroom in the back, with bunk beds or couches lining the middle section of the RV. Even if you’re on the lower end of the totem pole in your friend group/family, rest assured that you’ll have a spot to crash on each night.

Graphic illustrating RV class and sleeping capacity

Learn more about our RV rental types.

4. Funky Weather

In the event that it rains, you’ll be so grateful for some coverage and protection from the elements. Typical summer festivals are hot – you might even wish for the rain during the day. But at night, you’ll probably want to stay warm and dry. Again, we just want you to prep for the worst. 

During such a long and exhausting weekend, it can be nice to have a place to escape any type of weather you’re just not feeling. Take a break from the sun, warm up after a cold concert, or avoid getting drenched like the rest of the festival peasants.

5. Social Hour

Group of friends laughing, drinking, and playing instruments at a summer festival

If you’re going to a summer festival in the first place, chances are you’re spontaneous and open to meeting new people from different walks of life. Rolling up in an RV brings a fun element because you’ll be parked next to all the other “RVers” for the weekend. You can bring your friends along, but then branch out by making festival friends, too. The more the merrier, right? 

Having an RV loaded with a grill, extra snacks, bumpin speakers, or a shaded awning can draw in all kinds of festival folk to join you!

Listening to the hottest music artists and dancing your summer days away with a bigger group is only bigger and better than say, if you and two friends showed up. But hey, if it is just you and two friends going to a festival in an RV, make it a party anyway! 

6. Roll Up in Style

Last but certainly not least, look the part. You’ll already be dressed to the nines in whatever hippy, glittery garb you could get your hands on, so why not travel in style, too? Make a statement by rolling up for the weekend in an RV rental – you’re not there to mess around. 

And who knows, maybe that’s how you will make other friends at the festival. So what? You’re the cool festival goer in an RV – own it!  

7. Save Time & Money

RV time and money comparison, illustrated through a graphic

Check RV Prices

Now we’re not saying that an RV is cheaper than tent camping, but it definitely can save you time, money, and energy if your not a fan of the classic camping or if you don’t already have the supplies you need. Trying to book hotels or Airbnbs near festival grounds is a real pain. Unless you’re planning 2 years in advance, chances are all the good spots have been taken, and the only ones left are far away and especially pricey.

If you’re asking yourself, “Yeah… but what about the cost? How much to rent an RV for a weekend?” Consider all the other things you can save on.

Having an RV for the weekend allows you to stay on festival grounds without having to fight crowds in and out of the event space every evening and morning. You can save money on gas and food as well and spend more time with friends and less time worrying about other lodging  logistics.

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