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Best Types of RV Rentals for Your Specific Trip

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A row of the best RV rentals lined up on rocks near a lake in a beautiful green setting

Planning the perfect trip comes with a lot of baggage – literally. But planning the perfect mode of transportation for your trip should be made simple. No two trips are alike; whether you’re headed for a summer music festival, or plan to tour every national park in the country, every trip will have a different set of people, specific needs and desires, driving capabilities, and itinerary. To make your job easier, we want to go over the best RV rentals for your upcoming trip. 

There are different sizes and models – otherwise known as classes – in the RV world, and we want to show you why choosing any one of these models will ultimately better your trip. They say the joy is in the journey, not the destination. So, make your journey worthwhile.

Breaking Down the Best RV Rentals

Before we get into the differences between each RV class, you’ll want to ask yourself what you hope to get out of your specific trip. Will you be spending a lot of time in the RV? Or, is it more for transportation? How many people are you bringing along for the ride? Do you value comfort over cost? You get the idea. 

We want to help you find the best RV for your trip. Let’s look at the different classes: 

Class A: Home Away From Home

Closeup of a Class A RV rental parked along the road with trees in the background
Of all three classes, a Class A RV rental will provide high-end RV living. Essentially, a Class A is a home on wheels (or a home away from home). This is because of its size and grandeur.

Motorhome Class A amenities IconAmenities

A Class A motorhome rental comes complete with full-scale amenities – meaning, an equipped kitchen ready-to-use, a bathroom with a full shower and toilet, a traditional bedroom (rather than having a stowaway or converting a sofa into a bed, Class A comes with a bed already in place), and sometimes even a full washer and dryer. A Class A RV rental is also designed with extensive storage space, truly making it a heavy duty vehicle.

Class A RV sleeping arrangements IconSleeping Arrangements

The Class A motorhome rental can comfortably sleep four to ten people. While we wouldn’t recommend traveling with too many people for the long haul, this would be the perfect setup if you’re not wanting to leave anyone out of the weekend plans. Think of celebrities and their crew – they could choose a Class A RV rental and still manage to feel comfortable.

Class A RV rental comparisons IconComparisons

If we had to compare a Class A model to another vehicle, we would put it in the tour bus/transit bus category due to its massive size. A typical Class A averages at ten feet tall, can range anywhere from 21 to 40 feet long, and has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. While much harder to drive than a smaller-scaled RV, it offers luxurious living and an epic, scenic view. The flat, curved windshield makes it so explorers have a panoramic view outside the RV life. This is ideal if you’re going to be on the road for a long period of time. That being said, the driver(s) would have to practice and get used to driving such a large vehicle.

Rental RV Class A cost IconCost

It might be easy to assume that a Class A RV is the most expensive option out of the three classes. Because of its size and extra amenities, a typical Class A RV rental will cost about $150-$250 per night if it’s an older model, and about $350-$450 per night if it’s newer. Ultimately, it depends on where your values lie. If you’re renting for the long haul and plan to spend a lot of time in the RV, this may be the best RV rental for you and your party. If you’re not prioritizing comfort and sleeping space, consider one of the other classes.

Class B: Quick Getaway

Smallest and most compact in size, we’d recommend a Class B RV rental for anyone seeking a weekend camping adventure. 

Class B RV amenities IconAmenities

Amenities are small to scale, unlike the Class A models. Even though a Class B RV rental comes complete with a living room area, bathroom, and kitchen, they’re small. To give you a better picture, the shower and toilet are combined into one small space – in other words, not a full shower. The kitchen is also scaled down, so you aren’t able to cook as easily. Yet, if you plan to cook most of your meals over the campfire outside, this shouldn’t be a major hindrance for your trip!

Class B Recreational vehicle sleeping arrangements IconSleeping Arrangements

A Class B RV rental can comfortably sleep two people, but up to four people if you don’t mind tight living quarters. While these models don’t offer luxurious queen- or king-sized beds, a cozy couple or two best friends can still sleep comfortably on the shared sleeping surfaces – emphasis on shared. Yes, make sure you’re comfortable with your party before taking off on your adventure!

Motorhome Class B comparisons IconComparisons

Sometimes known as a sleeper van or camper van, a Class B RV rental may be small but mighty! Although the size can vary, a typical Class B model ranges from 17 to 19 feet in length, with a height and width matching that of other camper vans. Some models also come with slide-outs or extended ceilings for additional space.

In many ways, the smaller size is actually helpful. Having a smaller model allows you to drive through more narrow places and parking is drastically easier. On top of being the easiest of the classes to drive, they’re also the most fuel efficient – you’ll be saving money and protecting the environment. It’s a win-win!

Class B RV cost IconCost

A Class B model is the least expensive out of the three types, but with that comes a sacrifice for comfort. Again, it all depends on what you value. If you’re traveling with a small party for a simple weekend getaway, we think this is your best RV rental, hands down. An older Class B RV rental typically costs $100-$200 per night, while a newer model will typically cost $200-$350 per night.

Class C: The Perfect Balance

A Class C RV parking alongside a desert road with clear blue skies overhead
Designed somewhere in the middle of Class A and Class B RVs, a Class C RV model is the perfect option for medium-sized groups that value comfort and sleeping, but don’t want to break the bank. Renting a Class C RV comes with several perks for any party that intends to take a long trip, or short weekend getaway. 

Class C RV amenities IconAmenities

With a Class C model, you and your party will travel comfortably. These models offer all the same amenities as a Class A RV rental, but slightly smaller to scale. That being said, you would still have fully functioning electrical appliances, lighting, heating, a dining room, and additional storage space. 

Out of all the RV rentals, Class C comes fully self contained for three to five days – meaning, the storage and water tanks last that long without having to refill them. This is perfect for a quick trip.

Class C recreational vehicle sleeping arrangements IconSleeping Arrangements

One of the biggest perks of a Class C rental is its sleeping arrangement. You can generally spot a Class C RV based on its overcab sleeping area – similar to a bunk bed format. The overhead beds are designed to jut out over the cab, providing comfortable sleeping space and also opening up more space in the living room area. Plus, you get to sleep over the cab – talk about an adventure! 

This layout can typically sleep two to ten people, and is more convenient for short excursions as the headroom is limited in the overcab sleeping spaces.

Icon of Class C comparisonsComparisons

The frame of a Class C RV is similar to that of a moving truck or van with an attached cab section. Just like the Class B RV rental, it’s still familiar and easy to operate. Class C RVs range in size from 23 to 26 feet long. Additionally, you can tow a separate vehicle with this motorhome – making it convenient to park the RV, and head off to explore whichever town or city you’re in with the ease of a smaller car. This is an ideal rental option for larger families or groups that may want two vehicles.

Icon of Class C RV rental costCost

Again, renting a Class C RV will put you somewhere in the middle of the pack. If you value extra space, but at an affordable price, a Class C RV will put you at $100-$200 a night for an older model, and $225-$400 for a newer model. We’d recommend any RV rentals from Class C for a medium-sized party that’s either going on a weekend excursion or even a week long trip. Traveling on the road for the long haul might get tight, but if you’re up for the adventure, the Class C will never let you down!

Rent Any Model With RoamAway

A RoamAway RV parked at an RV camp at sunset
At the end of the day, all three classes are great, reliable options for your travel needs – as long as you’re renting from a reliable company! Here at one of the best RV rental companies, RoamAway is committed to finding your perfect RV rental complete with enough space for your party, at a price that’s affordable for you. 

Leave the hard part to us, and soon enough, you’ll be well on your way in one of the best RV rentals! 

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