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RV and Camper Rentals Aren’t Just for Road Tripping

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Family of four having dinner outside their rental van or trailer camper

New Ways to Use RV and Camper Rentals

Did you know a standard or luxury RV rental can save you money in more ways than one? Aside from saving on the cost of hotels for your cross-country national park trip, anything from large RVs to truck camper rentals can help save with living, working, special events, and more! You may never have considered the idea, but keep reading to learn how a recreational vehicle can do more than just get you from point A to point B. 


Pull-behind Camper trailer icon with yellow backgroundComfortable, Temporary Living

One of the largest expenses we all deal with is housing. The cost of renting an RV can be a short term, practical solution for a temporary living space. Prices start as low as $75/day. Sometimes you just need a place for a brief transitional period, like when you’re moving from one city to another. 

Don’t pay an arm and a leg for an Airbnb or costly hotel, instead rent a camper that gives you privacy, mobility, and room to transport family members and possessions easily. In addition, RV and camper rentals come with all types of useful additions and appliances. Each RV comes equipped with fully functional bathrooms, including showers and running water, a kitchen to prepare all your meals and even entertainment with HDTV and a Bluetooth sound system so your experience is fun and relaxing. You’ll have everything you need for a short stay. 


RV with moon icon outline on a yellow backgroundVan Life Is In

Thinking of living on the road long term? Consider renovating your RV to become a more permanent living space. Rent is a huge chunk of your hard-earned paycheck you could be saving every month. 

Expensive home and apartment prices are on the rise and don’t show any signs of dropping. One trend that’s breaking new ground is what some call, van life. This option goes beyond the luxury RV rental. You’ve probably heard or seen some of the amazing things people have done with smaller vehicles. Because it’s becoming more popular and accepted, you won’t look like an outsider. There’s a whole community of people who are paving the way. 

While it may not sound glamorous at first, the cost of renting an RV and possibly living in one can make a lot of economic sense. You save on numerous expenses and free up valuable time. There’s no lawn to mow when you’re on wheels. Imagine the possibilities. Not to mention, with an RV, you’ll already be ahead of the competition. You won’t have to spend weeks remodeling just to put in a few appliances because campers and RV’s already come with them.

Neutral Interior preview of a newly renovated van or RV


Male and Female thin line icon on a yellow backgroundHoliday Guests

Is it your turn to host the family Thanksgiving dinner with extended family this year? Where will you put all your guests? An RV or camper rental isn’t a bad option. It can provide a comfortable stay that any guest would be happy with. With everyone crammed into one house and a difficult mother-in-law in the room next door, things can get heated. The holidays should be a joyful time, and a luxury RV rental can help keep the peace during otherwise stressful family events. Most RVs come with air-conditioning, a shower, electric appliances, and more, making it closer and more convenient than any hotel. Host the family get-together than everyone will love with a simple RV rental.


Three trees and a bird thin line icon with a yellow backgroundTis the Season

The holidays can also be a great time to help out those who might be struggling. If you’re feeling generous this year and want to do something special for someone, consider giving a needy family a temporary home while they get back on their feet. Hard times happen to everyone at some point and it’s nice to be the person who can lend a helping hand. There may be other cheap places to live temporarily, but if you consider the cost of renting an RV, it could be worth it. Other places are likely to come with confusing contracts and a rough neighborhood and struggling individuals would be better off living next to generous people like you. It may sound silly, but a truck camper rental could make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Travel Trailer RV rental parked in a driveway, being prepared for a camping adventure


Calendar icon on yellow background representing special eventsSpecial Events

Of course, we can’t all afford to do something so grand, but there are occasions when we need a little extra space. For example, say, it’s time for the “big day” and you are getting married, which means guests are coming into town from all around the country or traveling a far distance to participate, support, and enjoy your ceremony. Or alternatively, you decided to have a secluded, remote, destination wedding ceremony. Either way — don’t let the celebration and memories go to waste because you don’t have enough room to house everyone for the event. Consider getting a large trailer rental for camping or rent a small RV to create the perfect occasion where everyone can come and celebrate. It’s going to be a special day and you should be able to spend it with all the people who love you most. 

Weddings can be pricey and you may have to sacrifice on a couple of expenses but people should not be one of them. Relationships with loved ones are the most important thing. Make sure you spend your big day with those closest to you with a little help from a luxury RV rental. 

RVs can also be a great place to get ready and have the amenities you need before a particular event. There’s plenty of room for dressing, powdering, snacking, and anything else you may need.


Square present with a bow icon in white on a yellow backgroundBirthday Parties

Maybe you have a smaller family and don’t need to worry about large gatherings, but you’re ready to be a star parent by throwing the perfect birthday party for your child. Give them their own party spot with a trailer rental for camping to park just a few steps from the house. They’ll be excited to have a special party spot and you’ll be able to keep a safe eye on things. With an HDTV and wireless sound system, they will have all the entertainment they need. Throw a party your child and their friends will never forget with a safe, overnight place of their own.


Laptop outline with a yellow background, illustrating a temporary workspaceTemporary Workspace

Starting your own business has never been easier or more popular! Technology is making the start-up process smooth and more efficient every day, but finding and affording a workspace is still an issue at times. You may have the online tools or big idea but you’ve maxed your stay in mom and dad’s basement. Why not rent a small RV? 

A camper rental might sound unconventional but remember, Google started as two guys working out of a garage. Imagine what Sergey Brin and Larry Page could have done if they had started with a workspace on wheels. But in all seriousness, it could be used as a fully functioning workspace just for you or a small group of employees. Office spaces are pricey and when compared to the cost of renting an RV, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, you can eliminate distractions. Working from home sounds glamorous, but we all know how easy it can be to waste time or get distracted. From kids to pets, or TV and a quick snooze, any true entrepreneur knows these are disturbances you can’t afford.

Female working remotely, on a laptop,r just outside of a Class B RV rental


Lightbulb thin-line icon in white with a yellow backgroundInspiration

Some creative individuals have stepped up the expectation of RV living by renovating or renting an RV for a brief project to seek inspiration and tap into their inner vision — like transforming the space into a recording studio for the next album or turning the structure into a mural on wheels. A camper rental might not be the most inspiring place but it can sure take you there and be a creative outlet. Don’t stay trapped, trying to endure a cheap, cluttered space. If you want to make real progress, you need a real workspace, and a luxury RV rental can give you exactly that. With a private but manageable space of your own, the sky’s the limit.


First Aid icon, representing safety training for emergency personnelSafety Training for Emergency Personnel

Safety is a huge feature that we all want a little more of. Unfortunately, accidents happen and it’s a good idea to be prepared. It’s not uncommon for a city fire, police, or emergency responders department to rent a small RV or truck camper rental to train employees on how to evacuate in the case of an emergency. Even school districts should train bus drivers on proper safety protocol. These organizations know how important it is to be prepared for the unexpected. 

Don’t be casual about your employee’s safety, contact us today to discuss rentals and prices for your training. 

Benefits of using an RV or Camper Rental Diagram


Where Can I Rent an RV?

Now that you’ve got some ideas, you’re probably wondering where you can get the best RV or camper? RoamAway is your #1 RV and camper dealership. From a trailer rental for camping to renting a small RV, we provide professional rentals and services that you can trust. With the newest and safest RV’s on the market and with locations all across the country, we’re always here to help with any questions or concerns.

Our rental process is easy and more simple than renting a car. Additionally, we provide operational training so you can feel confident during your trip. We’ll do everything in our power to give you a stress-free adventure! As passionate and innovative RV dealers, we can’t wait to assist you on your next journey whether it is close to home or life on the road. Let our recreational vehicles be the answer to your next big idea, event or step in life. 

Rent one of our camper rentals today, by visiting a local RoamAway dealer!