The Lowdown

RV, or Recreational Vehicle, is a term describing vehicles that can carry and house people for extended periods of time. They range from bus-style luxury Class A RVs to tiny off-the-grid travel trailers. Our dealers typically rent the mid-range class B and C  RVs – which are sturdy, maneuverable, and have plenty of interior room.


All RoamAway RV Rentals will contain the following:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Lighting and power outlets
  • Electric appliances ( microwave, stove, fridge, etc)
  • Running water
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom and shower

Many RV-s will also include:

  • HDTV and Blu-Ray player
  • Bluetooth in dash entertainment system
  • Back-up camera
  • Upgraded mattress
  • Automatic awning
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RV Amenities


Average miles per tank.

6 people

Average sleeping capacity.

+150 sq ft

Of interior space.

RV Driving


RV handling is very similar to that of a moving truck. Most RV Rentals are about 25 feet long and are pulled by V8 or V10 engines with +300 horsepower. The cab layout is similar to a pickup truck with two front seats, a large dash, and automatic transmission. You don’t need any special training or licensing to drive RVs: just a little practice and a spotter to help you back-up safely.



Just as you keep your personal vehicle in good health while traveling, here are some ways to care for your RV Rental to avoid any mishaps:

  • Check tire pressure with fuel-ups
  • Fill up with fuel type recommended by your dealer (specific octane gas or diesel)
  • Monitor battery power when disconnected from an external energy source
  • Handle hookups properly (campground hosts can help if you’re unsure)
  • Stay on well-maintained roads