Can I drive an RV?

Anyone with a valid driver’s license (and most international licenses) can drive an RV. It may take a little practice maneuvering, especially in a larger motorhome. Our dealers are happy to help you get situated and answer any driving specific questions you may have.

What if I have a breakdown?

We have you covered! Give your dealer a call and they will assist you in finding a repair shop or with roadside assistance. Even if you have a simple question on how something works.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

Many dealers allow pets. Ask yours for more information.

Who offers one-way RV rentals?

Depending on demand and pick-up/drop-off locations, you may be able to get a one-way rental from your dealer. Summer months are often more difficult to arrange, and it’s preferable to schedule a one-way trip to cities with major airports. RV retrieval service often costs extra. Some dealers do have one way specials for certain locations. Talk to your dealer for more information.

What is trip cancellation insurance (travel insurance)?

This is a non-refundable protection against unforeseen travel impediments. With multiple plan options, it covers things like cancelled flights, financial default of travel suppliers, reservations that fall through, and much more. We highly recommend travel insurance when renting an RV. Talk to your dealer for more information.

About RVs

What does an RV come with?

Most RVs are self contained, which means they have power and water tanks. They also come with various sleeping arrangements, toilet, sinks, shower, kitchenette, and dining area. Additional accessories such as portable BBQs, camp chairs, kitchen and linen kits are available through your local dealer.

What about seat-belts?

Every RV has seat-belts for the front seats and passengers. Seatbelt laws vary from state to state. It is best to talk to your local dealer about the specifics. Use seatbelts whenever traveling in a RV. Buckle up and be safe.

Can I drink water from the tank?

We don’t recommend drinking from the tank due to taste. It is always best to bring your own drinking water.

How often do I need to dump holding tanks?

Approximately every 2-5 days, depending on usage and size of RV. Go longer between dumping by taking short showers and conserving water.

What is the MPG of an RV?

The MPG of an RV depends on speed and weight. At 55mph most RVs get between 9-12 MPG. At 75mph you’ll likely get 6-7 MPG. You can save gas by carrying less (especially in the water holding tanks).

What is an RV generator?

The generator powers the AC, microwave, and anything plugged into wall outlets when you aren’t connected to electrical power at a campground. It’s important to note that the generator typically runs on the same fuel tank as the engine. Power for the water pump, lights, fridge, or stove do not need the generator- so you don’t need to run it for these items.

What is a slide-out?

A slide-out is a section of your RV’s living space that slides out on the side of the vehicle and increases the square-footage and interior space. They are activated with a switch and can be retracted manually if needed. Slide-outs are quite sturdy and you aren’t likely to have issues.


Where can’t I take my RV?

We don’t allow travel to Mexico, areas with extreme weather (like Death Valley in the summer) or going off-road. Ask your dealer for specifics.

Do I need RV hookups?

You do not need hookups. RVs are able to camp off-grid for up to 3-5 days provided they have water, gas, and a fully charged battery. Make sure to choose a spot where overnight camping is allowed and enjoy!

What is a pull through site?

This type of campground site allows you to pull in and out without having to reverse to leave or park. Think of it like a drive-thru rather than a parking stall.

Do I need campground reservations?

One of the great benefits of traveling by RV is to go where you want and stay as long as you want. There are some helpful apps that will show where RV camping is available. If you are going to a popular destination, we strongly recommend reservations, especially during peak season.

Can I use an RV in the winter?

Of course! You will need to take some precautions to keep water tanks and pipes from freezing. Ask your dealer about winterizing your RV rental.

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