Acadia is a place where the raw north Atlantic meets the wildlands of New England. It inspires reflection and exploration. We love the Acadia for the quaint surroundings, amazing wildlife, and long summer days along the coast!

✓ Entry Fee  Pets allowed

Season: May- September (open year round with winter closures)


  • Mosquitoes & ticks
  • Bears & wildlife
  • Extreme temperatures and weather


Mainstay Cottages and RV Park

This campground is minutes from the park and has access to Winter Harbor, which is full of activities, restaurants, and amenities.

✓ Hookups

✓ Dumping

✓ Toilets

X Showers

✓ Reservations

✓  Fire


Summit a peak: Cadillac Mountain is the highest point in Acadia at 1,500 feet above sea level. You can drive, bike, or hike to the summit. From there you’ll have commanding views in all directions. There are numerous hikes from the summit and plenty of geology to learn about.

Tide pools: Explore Atlantic sea life at Bar Island Sand Bar or Ship Harbor. There’s lots to see and enjoy at low tide along the shore. Remember that these ecosystems are fragile, so watch your step and respect the life you find.

See the lighthouses: There are numerous lighthouses in and around Acadia. Make it a scavenger hunt to see and photograph as many as you can find! Remember that not all lighthouses are open to the public or easily accessible. You may need to enjoy some from a distance.


  • Invest in bear spray and have it handy for hikes into the backcountry
  • Practice bear safety in campgrounds and picnic areas
  • Reserve sites in advance: Acadia is very popular and campgrounds fill up early
  • Weather and temperatures can change quickly: be prepared
  • Swim with caution: many areas have dangerous waves and currents