Zion can turn adults into kids again. It is a true wonderland and photos hardly ever capture the grandeur. From the towering sandstone temples to the gentle trickle of the Virgin River, we love Zion for the gorgeous vistas, ample activities, and numerous marvels.

✓ Entry Fee –  Pets allowed


Season: April – October (open year round)


  • Hot weather
  • Sun exposure
  • Flash-flooding


Zion River Resort

This campground is minutes from Zion and incredibly popular – for good reason! It offers plenty of amenities and a relaxing environment that brings people back year after year.

✓ Hookups

✓ Toilets

✓ Shower

✓ Dumping

✓ Reservations

✓ Fires


Go by foot: or by bike on Zion’s paved Pa’rus Trail. This gentle and meandering trail winds through the canyon next to the Virgin River. It begins at the South Entrance and concludes 1.7 miles away at the Canyon Junction center.

See the heavens: Angel’s Landing is a very accurate description for the sandstone peak reaching 1,500 feet above the canyon floor. The initial approach switchbacks up the cliff side and eventually crests this incredible point.

Chase water: Zion may be in the desert, but the water carved the canyon and continues to make the scenery possible. There are actually quite a few waterfalls (like Emerald Pools and Weeping Rock) and even more when it rains! Explore The Narrows by hiking up the Virgin River or check in town for guided tours of the iconic Subway.


  • RVs traveling to or from the East entrance must be escorted through the Mount Carmel tunnel
  • Always pack more water than you think you’ll need
  • Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and by covering up
  • Check in at the visitor center for weather conditions to avoid flash floods
  • Reserve sites in advance: Zion is very popular and campgrounds fill up early


The last inhabitants of Zion, the Paiute, called the canyon Mukuntuweap which translates to “straight canyon”. The name “Zion” came from the word the local Mormons used to describe the area.